A new way to invest!

AKRON Group acquires, develops and sells real estate projects together with private and institutional investors. All investors are strongly integrated in the decision making process, which leads to a high level of transparency and identification with the project.

The investors and AKRON Group are directly invested in targeted real estate, whereas the AKRON Partners commit to hold at least 10% of each investment. This ensures alignment of interest. Direct participations in real estate projects have the advantage of being tangible and making the risk and return profile better assessable. Special purpose companies are incorporated on a single asset basis to ensure transparency. Each investor can decide which project suits his investment strategy best and can furthermore contribute ideas and expertise to the investment group.

State-of-the-art quarterly reporting, suitable for institutional and private investors, ensures clear and up-to-date information. For each investment a clear strategy is defined before acquisition, which however can be adapted by the investors during the holding period if necessary. This ensures flexibility in case the market environment changes.